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Welcome... the home of the legendary SuperControl CAT software. If you have been redirected here, you'll know, that the first and original FT-847 Homepage is no longer available. Ray W8RD and Jay K1UC have decided to give up with their Bulletin Board and FAQ pages. So now you are able to find these pages here on I'll maintain these pages for the future. I would give a big thank you to Ray and Jay for their initial work (with a little sad note).
Vy 73 de Peter, DH1NGP

Thank you very much for visiting the Ham Radio 2002 ! If you were not able being there, here are some pictures:
Ham Radio 2002

FT847-SuperControl is mentioned in the german club magazine "CQ DL" edition 06/2002!

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Vy 73 de Peter, DH1NGP

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